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International Harvest Church

You can expect lively spirit lead worship and a sharp practical word for a Sunday morning at Harvest Church. Our style of church is based on the discipleship and mentoring model Jesus shows us in the New Testament. We reckon this way of doing church means that no-one gets overlooked, and everyone has a chance to live the life God planned for them, together, and to the fullest. That's why we often talk about the real life of the church being in the city groups. In that smaller setting, relationships can be built with leaders that care deeply about you and your family, and can help you grow in your faith.

We're trying something new and exciting for the next few months. We'll meet all together in our building on the first Sunday of every month, and we'll continue to stream this to YouTube.

For the other Sundays, we'll be out there! Gathering in smaller groups in parks, homes and places across West and Central Newcastle, we want to bring the hope of Jesus right into the heart of the people and places around us. Check our website to see the venues you can visit to experience this for yourself.

Location: International Harvest Church Newcastle, Stanhope Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5HJ

Service Times: 10:30 on the first Sunday of the month, meeting in small groups on the other Sundays


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