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Elim Church (Kingdom Life Church)

Here are ten values we want to describe the culture we create at Elim Newcastle:
Jesus First
We are people who want to live out the command to "seek first His Kingdom"
Word & Spirit
We give both the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit equal place of prominence in our gatherings
We are individually  and corporately committed to prayer
We are people who want to model a life of worship, faith and ministry
We are people who are committed to build for the future by raising disciples and leaders in every aspect of our church
Honour Everyone
We are people who seek to speak well of others, loving them and celebrating them above ourselves
We are people who want to be generous towards God and others with our resources, our gifting, and our energy
Dream Big
We are committed to live in the light that God's dream is a big one
Make It Better
We champion advancement over maintenance
Embrace Change 
We are people who are flexible and willing to change for the sake of His Kingdom

Location: Elim Church Newcastle, Heaton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE6 1SB

Service Time: 10:30

Contact: Josh, Emma or Thom (

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