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During Freshers week, the CU hosts many events such as a pub quiz, homemade meal with freshers in your halls, and a trip to the beach.


They are great opportunities to meet other freshers and build friendships. 

Information on Freshers 2021 will be available soon!

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Each year in early November, the CU head off on a weekend away together. It is an amazing weekend which involves studying the Bible, being equipped in mission, doing fun activities and growing in our relationships with one another. Check out the photos below from our time away in 2019!

This year we will be going to Wydale Hall and Emmaus Centre on the 12th-14th November. Follow the button below to SIGN UP!



Events Week is one of our biggest evangelism opportunities every year, where we welcome hundreds of non-Christians who hear about the good news of Jesus, with lunchtime talks in between lectures as well as evenings events with food, live music and guest interviews.

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