Newcastle University Christian Union (NUCU) is a group of Christian students at Newcastle University that join together to share the message of Jesus Christ on campus. We firmly believe that God wants to know us each personally, and we hope – and pray – that He can work through us to reach all students on university campus and show them how amazing He is.

We focus on equipping and envisioning Newcastle University’s Christians to share the good news of Jesus with friends and coursemates, and put on events and outreach activities to help do this. Our desire is to unite and equip Christians from many different churches across the city together for a common goal – giving every student in the university the chance to respond to Jesus. 

We strongly encourage all CU members to get stuck into a local church whilst they are a student here at Newcastle - you can find out more details of churches in Newcastle below.

As a student body we are affiliated with UCCF, you can find out more below.




As a CU we have a set of core beliefs which we are united around, which we believe hold true no matter where we come from, and guide how we share the Gospel with our friends on campus. This set of beliefs is the UCCF doctrinal basis, which can be found below.

In a nutshell, the Doctrinal Basis represents the central truths of the gospel, as revealed in the Bible. This is the basis of our unity, the foundation of our ministry, and the content of our message. We are unashamedly confessional and value gospel clarity and gospel unity.


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